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Hardwood flooring is known for its natural beauty and durability, but over time even the most beautiful hardwood can lose its luster. Sandpoint Furniture Carpet One Floor & Home in Ponderay is your local source for hardwood flooring and hardwood services, including hardwood refinishing. Instead of resorting to covering your hardwood floors with a rug or carpet, have the resorted to their former beauty.

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Hardwood flooring that is original to an older home may not look as beautiful as a brand new floor. Refinishing hardwood floors is the process of sanding the existing layer of finishing product to the bare wood, and then reapplying a fresh coat to your floors to protect them and make them look brand new. Refinishing is worth it because the new layer will protect for floors for another few more years of wear and tear.

Hardwood refinishing is not the most DIY-friendly flooring project. It requires time, effort, and a certain level of expertise and experience. Given a professional’s experience and resources, they will most definitely finish the job faster and with better quality. Your job will get done on time and without mistakes. There are also special methods used to keep the dust down in your home, and leave as little mess as possible. The two most popular finishes include water-based and polyurethane finishes. The water-based finishes are more economically friendly but also on the less-durable side, whereas polyurethane is the most commonly used and provides a durable finish.

If you would like to learn more about hardwood refinishing, be sure to stop by our showroom and speak with one of our flooring professionals to get an estimate!

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