Your Neighborhood Carpet Experts

If you're looking for a quality carpet, be sure to visit Sandpoint Furniture Carpet One Floor & Home in Ponderday. We have a great selection of carpets on display in our showroom, and our carpet experts will help you make the best choice for your setting. No matter your design and performance needs, we have you covered!

What Is the Best Type of Carpet?

As you can probably imagine, there are so many different types of carpet from which to choose. But, there isn't one type that is really better than the others. Instead, the best carpet type depends on your own specific needs. If, for example, you need something durable enough to withstand children and pets, then you'll need a tough carpet like frieze. However, if you need something that's extra luxurious, then you'll be better off with shag carpet or something similar. Here are some important things to consider when choosing the perfect carpet: style, foot traffic, stain resistance, and softness.

Carpet can also be installed in commercial settings like offices. For these areas, be sure to consider the appropriate commercial carpet options. Also, carpet tiles are popular in these types of settings.

What Is the Best Brand of Carpet?

Since we're your neighborhood experts, we only offer the best brands in the industry. Our selection includes popular brands such as Karastan, Masland, Stanton, and Fabrica.

Also, we have Carpet One exclusives brands like Lees, Tigressa, and Innovia.