Types of Carpet

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Learn About the Different Carpet Types

Carpet is known as the soft, warm, and cozy flooring option for most residential homes. Choosing a carpet is more than just choosing a color you like, you have to factor in fiber types, pile styles, and how you want the carpet to function overall in your home. We have the expert advice here at Sandpoint Carpet One Floor & Home in Pondeday to help make your shopping experience easier.

What Are the Different Types of Carpet?

Level loop carpet has a dense, low profile, which makes it great for heavily-trafficked areas.

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Patterned carpet is made of loops and cut fibers of varying heights, resulting in unique patterns.

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Textured carpet has longer fibers resulting in a casual look that's great for home settings.

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Frieze carpet has long, twisted yarns, creating dimension and sensation underfoot.

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Carpet Fibers

Carpet fibers come in different material options and make an impact on the look and feel of the carpet. It also determines the stain and matting resistance as well as long term durability. Choosing a carpet fiber also effects how it will perform in your home

Nylon is the most durable

Polyester has a comfortable feel

Wool is a traditional and natural fiber