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Hardwood Refinishing

Professional Hardwood Refinishing Services

Hardwood flooring is known for its natural beauty and enduring strength, but over time even the most durable hardwood can lose its luster. Sandpoint Furniture Carpet One Floor & Home in Ponderay, Idaho, is your local source for hardwood flooring and related hardwood services, including refinishing. Instead of resorting to covering your old wood floor with a rug or carpet, have it restored to its former beauty. If you are looking for hardwood floor refinishing near you, look no further than our showroom. We offer the best hardwood refinishing services and prices in the area, and we proudly serve Northern Idaho, Western Montana, and beyond.


How to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring that is original to an older home may not look as beautiful as a brand new floor. However, hardwood floor refinishing is the process of sanding down the surface to eliminate blemishes, scratches, stains, and other wear and tear. Then, you can apply a surface finish to give the floor a brand new appearance. This will give your home a new style, and it will protect your floors into the future. The sanding and refinishing process requires special equipment and careful work to ensure your floors look good, which is why we recommend turning to our experts.


Why Choose Professional Wood Refinishing

Hardwood refinishing is not the most DIY-friendly flooring project. It requires time, effort, and a high level of expertise and experience. Sanding the floors needs to be done carefully with special equipment to ensure wood particles don’t cover your home and compromise your indoor air quality. This is especially important given that wood dust generated through the refinishing process can be carcinogenic. With a professional’s experience and resources, dust is eliminated using a HEPA vacuum system, and the job will most definitely be finished faster and with better quality. Once properly refinished, hardwood floors can go for decades without needing to be restored again, so it’s a worthwhile investment.


Hardwood Floor Finishes

The two most popular hardwood finish choices are water-based polyurethane or oil-based polyurethane. Water-based finishes dry more quickly and are a clear color that doesn’t yellow over time, allowing the natural hue of your hardwood floors to show through. Water-based polyurethane also off-gas lower VOCs during the drying process, which means less of a lingering smell. Oil-based polyurethane finishes add a rich, amber hue to your hardwood and take longer to dry – usually at least 10 hours between coats, and then two days after the last coat has been applied. Oil-based finishes are slightly more durable than water-based but they also release higher levels of VOCs as they dry. We’ll talk with you about your specific design goals and performance needs to determine the best hardwood finish for your floor.

If you would like to learn more about our hardwood floor repair and refinishing services, be sure to stop by our showroom and speak with one of our flooring professionals to get an estimate!




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